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About Catherine...


I’m Catherine: I have always loved to draw and paint and with huge support from my fantastic family and friends I am living my dream.

I began, in September 2016 selling paintings I created and restoring furniture.

All this changed in February 2017. When I received some heart-breaking news; a former pupil of mine aged only 11yrs, had passed away. A young boy called Charlie who had bravely fought a battle against Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), an extremely rare paediatric brain tumour.

Charlie’s funeral was a sad, gloomy day filled with rain and clouds. It was fitting; it summed up how everyone was feeling. But something very special happened when we came out of church. The clouds parted, and a rainbow appeared. One of Charlie’s classmates, pointed up and said, “LOOK! It’s Charlie letting us know he is okay.”

That moment will stay with me forever.

At Easter, Charlie’s school contacted me and asked me to create a painting, in memory of Charlie, that they could raffle off at the Easter extravaganza to raise money for Brian House, our local children's hospice where Charlie received loving care.

I thought this was a fantastic idea and a fitting tribute for a very special little boy. I contemplated for a long time about what to paint and how to infuse Charlie's spirit into it.

The memory of the day of the funeral flashed back to me and I remembered Charlie’s school pal’s words about the rainbow and I knew how to bring Charlie into a painting!!!!!

I created the 'Hare' illustration using all the colours of the rainbow, which to so many people now represented Charlie. From that point on, I decided to stop restoring furniture and to dedicate all my time and passion into creating the colourful art you see today.